The Farther Canticle (part 1)

Your ethereal aura still lingers.

Fetch me darkness to light.

You say.

Let me bear your despair,

Until my soul comes to night.


You waned only to be mightier.

Agony made you lighter.


I fear for you,

While I am the one in the fire.

Fear not for me,

I am beyond all dire.


Rain of tears shall come,

Only if everything could be undone.

Close your eyes and whisper,

For I reside within yourself.


Close your eyes and see,

 I for what I was.

For what I am is no longer me,

I am now nothing but your plight.


Bring the sacks to the pyre.

Turn my bones into fire.

Condemned to an ill mire.

Release me, redeem me.


If only things can be undone.

For your sake.


And if heavens hesitate it shall be damned.

For your light shall blind the angels.

And your path surpasses that of gods.


Breathe into yourself for you are grace.

For you were life’s brace.

But of what use my tears may be?


Breathe into me for you are the savior.

Clouds and hay.

Earth and steel.

The seal.

Your silent tears.

The lonely deeds.

I will always see…


I reach for you in the darkness.

Your burden never ceased.

Your eyes never sought.

For you know,

Only one path to raw.


I fear for what I heed,

And what I heed is you.

And beneath the ground,

There’s no due.


You’re the light, you’re the fight,

You’re the sickening might,

You’re the way,

You’re the river in every heart,

You’re the fire that warms and burns if it must.



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