Qatar to Launch $200K Arabic-novel Award in March

Holy Cow! $200,000 award for a novel!

Arabic Literature (in English)

The Katara Cultural Village has announced that the organization is set to launch a $200,000 award for Arabic novel.

imagesThis is about the same amount awarded by the Sheikh Zayed Book Awards (750,000AED) and comparable to the al-Owais Award ($100,000), but considerably more than the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF), which awards $50,000 to each year’s winner and $10,000 to others on the shortlist. It is also much larger than other pan-Arab novel prizes, such as the Mohamed Zafzaf Prize ($10,000) and the Naguib Mahfouz medal ($1,000).

But the new Katara prize attempts to make not just a monetary splash. It promises to include “translating the winning novel into English and turning it into a play or film.”

The Katara isn’t the only prize to support translation: The Naguib Mahfouz medal also includes translation into English, and the IPAF supports translation into a number of languages. But the Katara…

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