Aesthetics, Inaesthetics, Non-Standard Aesthetics

Irreversible Noise

This is the text of a talk I gave at the Goldsmiths Conference on Deleuze and Transdisciplinarity Feb 2012:

The question of the relation between philosophy and art engenders the definition of many other relations, such as those with politics and truth, or thought and sensation. In ‘What is Philosophy?’ Deleuze and Guattari borrow the term non-philosophy from Francois Laruelle, and use it to elucidate what for them is the egalitarian transdisciplinary space of interference where these relationships are continually redefined, albeit within the strict remits that they lay down for each discipline in its specificity. However, while they praise Laruelle for the ‘interesting’ nature of his work on non-philosophy and the connection he establishes between this and the pre-Socratic concept of the One-All, they find it ‘odd’ that he should denote this non-philosophical project as science, when for them it is philosophy that draws up or presupposes the non-philosophical…

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