Photo-fiction and non-standard aesthetics

Unlimited Dream Company ('Despairing at last, I decided to die' -J.G. Ballard)

Francois Laruelle describes photo-fiction as a non-standard object of philosophy,1 its standard form being aesthetics.2 According to Laruelle, philosophy through the entire tradition of representationalism3 takes for granted (to its radical fault) its non-philosophical background, reducing this background to a mere setting of  ‘objects’ for speculation. But inasmuch as “[everything] thinks, not just philosophy,”4 here ‘everything’ pertains to the background into which philosophy should melt and dissipate, that is to say, as a discipline, 5 it is time that the mereness of this background enjoys an equiprimodial status as a ‘force of thought.’ The ‘background’ in question here is the place of the non-philosophical but which according to its standard use in philosophy is made to serve as a ground (background or surface) so that its sufficiency as a philosophical figure may stand out. In the context of a figure-ground perspective, philosophy may be identified with…

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