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The Revolution… and whatnot as a poker game.

The Revolution and whatnot as a poker game:

Dealer (Also Military): Hit or stay?

Ikhwanis to self: S: We have to raise, G: Yes we have to raise C: we don’t have enough chips.

Military to self: S.A: they will raise comrades, let them raise.

Ikhwanis: Raise

Military: I raise you, I double raise you, motherfucker!

*Baradei objects: you’re all playing with people’s money, you can’t do that!

Military: T: but don’t they have a lot of chips S.A: they’ve got squat, let them “Bust a player” the right one to us, the wrong one to them.

Ikhwanis to self: G: we can’t drop out we need to call, S: no, we need to raise – C: but we don’t have enough chips

Ikhwanis to Civils: We need your chips.

Civils to Ikhwanis: but they are our own chips, you can’t have them, and we’re bleeding, you just can’t d—–


Ikhwanis snatches the chips and punches civils in the face, then in the ass, then in the face, the in ass again and again and again and again.

Civils are busted

*Baradei objects again: Ikhwanis, they lose you lose, together you can make the military bleed!

Ikhwanis: All in.

Ikhwanis to self: C: but isn’t that a dark bet? S: All in, C: The stakes are high! S: I SAID ALL The FUCK INNNN!!!!!!

Military: He3 he3 he3, Come to Mama!!!!

Military Deals, they’re very good at “bottom dealing”

Military: Hit or Stay

Ikhwan: Raise

Military to self: Terrific!!! as horny as they come gentlemen!

Military deals, more bottom dealing.

Ikhwanis to self: it’s getting clearer, we fucked them, WE HAVE A STRAIGHT FUCKIN’ FLUSH!

Military: Too bad, we got the Royal flush.

Military seize the chips while Ikhwanis keep gazing at them and smiling shamefully at civils, civils have a series of heart attacks.

Ikhwanis: S: well at least we lost what we already won, ain’t that right civils!

Civils: Fuck you! you fuckin’ monsters.

Military forgets about the game and waves their gun higher, saying: yala men hena ya welad l mara!!!!

*Baradei: sigh!

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