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Pseudo-Reality: Fragments.

It’s really tiresome .. being in doubt and in confusion.

It’s very hard to explain my existential status or my existential feeling but I feel that something doesn’t fit .. something is not where it is supposed to be..

And it seems that I can’t let go my senses of nihilism, and its destructive questions like, so what? ( why bother and all the series ), and what’s after?

Questions that really make sense!

The fact that I can’t answer these question is overbearing! I feel, aimless? no that’s not the word, I might feel a bit like Sisyphus but in a reciprocal way.

I might feel a bit like Sisyphus but in a reciprocal way.

What consulates me a bit, that I am ignorant and I acknowledge my ignorance.

Doing that it leaves me wondering if my question got any answer at all, and my ignorance always leaves the possibility that there might be one, which comes contradicting to my intuition ..

Still I won’t stop looking .. because I am ignorant!

One last question .. to people who find life all purple and easy ! why?
Why do you find it like that? what makes you think it is all purple and easy?!
Enlighten my spotless mind please.

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Valhalla Rising

When the cinematic experience reaches beyond the conscious and tickles the intuitive nature in us.

Dream-like, is Valhalla Rising

Like it’s own protagonist the film is mute ( very few Dialog lines exist ), combined with the foggy surroundings and the creepy lightings and the mixture of dominant sole colors warm or cold, Valhalla Rising is a nightmarish experience.

Nicolas Winding Refn ( Director of Bronson ), presents a short-time ( 129 mins ) highly explosive epic, exploring human nature in dark malevolent humans, redemption and salvation of One-Eye the savage warrior being held as a fighting slave, driven by hate as his proprietor explains, still beneath this mute in tongue and expression character lies a tormented self seeking repentance, when he meets a crusade  willing to get to Jerusalem to recapture the holy lands he thinks it’s the right thing to do to clean himself out of sins, but he soon understand how lost are this crusade and how brutal are there acts in the name of god,  till he finds his own way to his Valhalla.

Still, the film isn’t for mass market, quiet the opposite, to truly like Valhalla rising you have to connect with it on a basis of personal preference.

An experience not to miss, brief in its time, brief in its talking, mesmerizing in it’s visuals and in its hellish atmosphere.

Valhalla Rising.

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